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Douglas Hewett

Title: City Manager

Municipality: City of Fayetteville

Position Interested In: At-Large - Manager

Tell us why you would like to serve in a leadership position at the League. In particular, specify goals you would like to accomplish as an officer or board member and indicate how, if attained, they will help to achieve Vision 2030 – the League’s future vision of how cities and towns will operate in 2030.

Increasingly in NC and across the nation, we see that urban areas are where the substantial growth is occurring. Similarly, the increases in poverty, crime, homelessness, etc., are also occurring in some of these same urban areas. Fayetteville is unique in NC, in that we are home to several large industries, along the I-95 corridor, home to 2 universities and a large community college system, connected to the world via rail and our own airport - yet, we are the largest tier 1 city in the State. I hope is that by my participation will be a boon by providing the perspectives of both a large city in a economically challenged area of the State.

Tell us about your experience as a municipal official. You may want to include information on your service on the municipal governing body, other related boards and special areas of interest.

I've served as City Manager in Fayetteville (6th largest city, in the 9th most populous state, in the most powerful country in the world) since 2016. Prior to that I have experience as both City Manager and Assistant City Manager in other jurisdictions. My experience in local government spans 20 years and 3 different states.

Tell us about your educational background, professional experience, and/or community or civic activities. 

I'm an ICMA credentialed manager, and in addition to undergraduate and graduate degrees from NCSU, I also participated in senior level training at Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and the School of Government, UNC.


Have You Participated in Any NCLM Events or Committees? 

  • CityVision Annual Conference

  • Town & State Dinner or Town Hall Days

  • Legislative Goals Planning Events or Process

  • Regional Meetings

  • Legislative Lobby Days

  • Affiliate Organizations: NCCCMA

Please provide any other information you would like the Nominations Committee to consider.

NCCCMA Recommendation Letter

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