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Jody McLeod

Title: Mayor

Municipality: Town of Clayton

Position Interested In: Second Vice President; District Representative - District 4

Tell us why you would like to serve in a leadership position at the League. In particular, specify goals you would like to accomplish as an officer or board member and indicate how, if attained, they will help to achieve Vision 2030 – the League’s future vision of how cities and towns will operate in 2030.

I would like to continue to serve in a leadership position at the League. One goal would be to build and strengthen relationships between urban and rural municipalities to increase economic success for all NC cities and towns as well as fostering those partnerships with counties, state government entities and the private sector. This goal would certainly be beneficial to all and support Vision 2023 by creating tangible results. I think another goal would be to educate and create opportunities for municipalities to learn how to better adapt to cultural and demographic changes within their regions across the state. One key to success post-covid is the ability to pivot and reevaluate where we are and where we would like to be in the future.

Tell us about your experience as a municipal official. You may want to include information on your service on the municipal governing body, other related boards and special areas of interest.

Serving as Mayor in NC fastest growing town in NC fastest growing county, since 2003. I have been very successful in managing unprecedented growth. Enhancing the quality of life of the citizens of Clayton, telling our story, marketing and branding our town and recruiting new business and industry to Clayton as well as new families. Once you have 20 years of service as Mayor you can pick and choose what you're passionate about and for me that is the NCLM. Most all my municipal and elected official education has been through the League and I hope that as a leader that continues and grows for our membership offerings.

Tell us about your educational background, professional experience, and/or community or civic activities. 
Graduate of East Carolina University with BS in Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Small Business. Small business owner since 1990 in the retail florist business in Clayton. Past president of the North Carolina State Florist Association, former NC designer of the year, in 2008 inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers an internationally recognized accreditation. Currently the President of the Souther Chapter of AIFD and this year was announced as the National Symposium Chairman for 2024. I am one of 12 Teleflora Education Specialists in the United States and travel around the country a few times a year producing educational floral design programs to help support the success of local florist. I am a lifelong member of First Baptist Church Clayton and married to Dr. Amelia McLeod for 30 years. she is a very lucky woman!!

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Have You Participated in Any NCLM Events or Committees? 

  • CityVision Annual Conference

  • Town & State Dinner or Town Hall Days

  • Regional Meetings

  • Co-Chair of the NCLM Risk Management Board of Trustees

Please provide any other information you would like the Nominations Committee to consider.

I have a long history with the league. I believe the historical/institutional knowledge is a huge benefit for moving into a leadership role and moving the NCLM forward. I am very proud of my service and work on multiple executive committees, co-chair vision 2023, hiring the last 2 executive directors, supporting a strong work environment for our employees and setting the path for our future skyscraper housing the NCLM. I believe what I have had the pleasure of working on has certainly created a strong sustainable future for our membership. Thank you for you consideration and for all each of you have done for our league. It has been both an honor and a privilege to work along side this amazing member-driven organization.

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