Kimberly Rehberg

Title: City Attorney

Municipality: City of Durham

Position Interested In: Municipal Attorney At-Large

Tell us why you would like to serve in a leadership position at the League. In particular, specify goals you would like to accomplish as an officer or board member and indicate how, if attained, they will help to achieve Vision 2030 – the League’s future vision of how cities and towns will operate in 2030.

I am an accomplished attorney with almost 26 years of total law practice experience and more than 20 years of experience specifically in local government settings in North Carolina. I began my career in local government directly out of law school, serving as an Assistant General Counsel at the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners in my first full-time position as an attorney.

From there, I went on to serve as an Assistant County Attorney in Durham County, as an Assistant Professor of Public Law and Government at the UNC School of Government, and I joined the Office of the City Attorney in Durham in 2005, where I have practiced law since. Working as a municipal lawyer has been both a calling and a joy for me.

I strongly believe that the commitment and dedication of so many excellent attorneys in our state to the administration and legal needs of local governments are what place North Carolina cities and counties among the best run governmental entities in the country. On the city side, the leadership and strength of the League of Municipalities are integral to the collective success of the villages, towns, and cities in the State. Further, the lawyers that advise the individual municipalities, as well as the lawyers that work for and advise the league, move the ball forward on municipal objectives, particularly those that require vigorous advocacy and analysis to attain. Durham is a vibrant, exciting community with a lot of ideas about governance and the capabilities of cities.

I would love to become more involved with the League Board to exchange ideas with other municipal officials, employees, and advisors, to share what we're learning in the Bull City, and to contribute what I can to the overall advocacy for cities and city authority.

Tell us about your experience as a municipal official. You may want to include information on your service on the municipal governing body, other related boards and special areas of interest.

Please see the attached resume.

Tell us about your educational background, professional experience, and/or community or civic activities. 

Please see the attached resume.

Have You Participated in Any NCLM Events or Committees? 

  • Affiliate Organizations: NC Municipal Attorneys Association (appointed to Board in August 2019)

Please provide any other information you would like the Nominations Committee to consider.

I'm super excited about the opportunity to serve.

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