Satish Garimella

Title: Council Member

Municipality: Town of Morrisville

Position Interested In: At Large - Elected Officials, District Representative
(District 6)

Tell us why you would like to serve in a leadership position at the League. In particular, specify goals you would like to accomplish as an officer or board member and indicate how, if attained, they will help to achieve Vision 2030 – the League’s future vision of how cities and towns will operate in 2030.

I have two motivations which keep me going to serve on the board .First, it is a privilege to serve the people of Morrisville on the Town Council.  Community is important to me. Addressing the problems and needs of individual residents and their
families inspires me, and I recognize the value and positives I contribute. As well, there is nothing better than the feeling of making a difference in people’s lives when we cut the opening-day ribbon on a complex project that required months and years of focused and committed work.  It is in that moment that you realize the importance of public service in cultivating and strengthening the bonds of community that so are vital to Morrisville’s residents.
Second, my training, experience, and skills in engineering and executive leadership make me well-suited to service on the council. I have built strong relationships with both public and private sector leaders in Morrisville and beyond.  These help me to align with the 2030 goals in the area of Municipal governments exercise greater control over their revenues, structures, and functions. Morrisville has done a great job in attracting a lot jobs and investment , I want to leverage that experience of how municipalities add value to community's quality of life and use 20 years working in AT&T to demonstrate how technology is widely used for service , citizen engagement and economic development. Morrisville has a great working relationship with Wake county and I want to ensure all towns have the same for both town and counties prosperity . Lastly Morrisville is the most diverse and cultural town of North Carolina and demographics changes in the community , its the largest American Asian population in NC and Morrisville is working very quickly to adapt to its needs.

Tell us about your experience as a municipal official. You may want to include information on your service on the municipal governing body, other related boards and special areas of interest.

I am Town of Morrisville Town Council At-Large Elected Official. Currently in 2nd 4-year term of office. Actively engaged in local, state, national, and international advocacy and outreach. Areas of interest and expertise include cultural awareness and diversity, youth programs and education, public safety, and intergovernmental relations.


  • NCLM Board of Directors – President’s Appointment (2020)

  • Triangle J Council of Governments Board of Delegates Alternate (2020-Present)

  • North Carolina Education and Workforce Innovation Commission (2018)

  • GoTriangle Transit Advisory Committee (2019- Present )

  • Triangle Trail Initiative Advisory Board Meeting (2021)

  • PLANWake Advisory Committee (2019)

  • Wake County Fire Commission (2017- Present)

  • Friends of North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences – Board of Directors (2016- Present)

  • Breckenridge HOA Presidents (2014- Present)

Tell us about your educational background, professional experience, and/or community or civic activities. 


  • Public Leadership Credential (Kennedy School of Government) 2020 - 2022
    Harvard University – Cambridge , MA

  • Advance Leadership Corps (School of Government )
    University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill, NC

  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) Computer Science
    University of Tulsa – Tulsa, OK

  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.Engr.) Electronics Engineering
    Bombay University – Mumbai, India

Extensive 20 years of IT leadership experience in enterprise architecture to deliver best optimal solutions based on business requirements. Mix of infrastructure, development, and technical expertise. Consistent record of leadership in the planning, specifying, developing and deploying of high performance and robust IT products and solutions enabling for business continuity on premise as well as public Cloud.

I work a lot with Museums, triangle trails, fire commission, school boards and also work closely with the Indian Embassy to ensure the Indian American people needs are delivered timely.

Have You Participated in Any NCLM Events or Committees? 

  • CityVision Annual Conference

  • Regional Meetings

  • Legislative Policy Committee

  • Technical Advisory Committees

Please provide any other information you would like the Nominations Committee to consider.

I just want to say while I am not as experienced as all the others in the board of directors, I believe with my vast experience , I can get fresh perspective which will complement your 2030 vision.

Reference letter from Soña L. Cooper

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