Nomination Process & Timeline

Nominating Committee Announced

On or before February 19, 2021


The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the League President prior to the annual conference, and the Nominating Committee shall meet as necessary to develop a slate of candidates for League Board of Director offices.

Candidate Interest Submittals

February 19 - March 31, 2021


Candidates must submit their Candidate Interest Forms from February 19 - March 31, 2021. Candidate Interest Forms shall be sent to the League via electronic means established by the Executive Director. Questions should be directed to Jennifer Webb,

Deadline to Submit Nominations

March 31, 2021


Candidate Interest Forms must be received by 5pm on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. The names of all candidates will be publicized.

The Nominating Committee will hold Candidate Interviews on April 6, 2021 beginning at 10 am. These Zoom interviews will allow for candidates to introduce themselves to the Nominating Committee and answer one or two questions as part of the process.

Voting Delegates Receive Instructions

On or before

April 9, 2021



Voting delegates will receive their credentials and voting instructions allowing them to cast electronic votes.

Final Candidate Slate Presented

April 9, 2021



The Nominating Committee shall present the final slate of candidates by 5pm April 9, 2021. The final slate shall be presented to the membership via electronic means established by the Executive Director.

Voting Period

April 12-16, 2021


The appointed voting delegate from each member municipality shall vote on the slate of candidates via electronic means. This voting shall take place before the Business Meeting of the Annual Conference. The Executive Director shall verify the election results and shall have the results prepared for release at the Business Meeting of the Annual Conference.

In the unlikely event the slate is voted down, the Nominating Committee will reconvene and will submit a new slate or re-submit the same slate. This second slate will be voted on by the Executive Committee, provided the Executive Director shall not vote on this slate.

Business Meeting & Conference

April 20-22, 2021


The membership shall have an Annual Conference via electronic means which shall include a Business Meeting. The election results shall be presented at the Business Meeting.